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Use Oircle Education to discover new and earth-shattering things, like why the Earth isn't 't named after a Roman deity, how long it takes to cook an egg or Maybe even learn how to build apps. The possibilities are endless because our willpower is too.


Discovering new things is like testing the waters and that's fine but as soon as your ready to get stuck in, our dedicated apps & web-apps know just when you are ready, in fact, you won't even know that it switched over from discovering to learning its that seamless and hassle-free just start learning1.


it's important that we share with the world what we have learnt only then can we progress as humanity. Teaching has been around for longer then we can remember, it's doing something right. our dedicated apps & web-apps have teaching tools embedding into them for you to use if your a teacher or a homeschool teacher all you need is a verified Oircle Account and the app you wish to enrol it's as easy as 123.

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Educational apps.

Dive into Oircle Education, discover more than ever before like why the earth isn't named after a Roman deity, learn how to code & cook or start teaching using your verified Oircle Account we offer dedicated apps for supported devices or use web-apps.

Are you a Developer, Designer, Studio, a Digital or Physical Videographer? if you are an individual or a business you can read the requirements of contributing content to Oircle Store. We make it super easy for you to get started and even content which can grow your business with resources designed to help you create incredible content and reach more users.

1. An Oircle Account is required to auto switch.

1b. An Oircle Account requires an Internet connection.