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or Door just unlocked.

At Oircle, Privacy is a real deal breaker for us. in fact our name suggests it all, nobody gets into Oircle and nothing gets out of Oircle without an official say so,

Let's be real for a moment; if you're coming to us and using services or buying a product then the very least we can do & this is way before giving you a good user experience is making sure we can keep your data whatever it is private & safe, if we can't do that then we cease to exist as a company.

Everything we Engineer, Everything we code, Everything we love. We do it because we know what is most important to you, and that's your privacy. whether that's data of news stories you have liked using News, what websites you have visited using our search engine, where you have been using Maps or who you call, email, message it doesn't matter to us, Data is Data, Privacy is Privacy, Protection means Protection.

Great experiences don’t have to come at the expense of your privacy, it just means we need to think more about how to handle it with care.

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We immensely recommend signing up and obtaining a Oircle Account, only because we take privacy seriously any data we collect which compared to others is hardly anything and we give you features which no one else can, you really don't want to be using anything else other than us.

it is important that you keep yourself, family and personal data safe we can guide you but unless you take necessary action when required then there is only so much we can do.

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It's your human right.