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Oircle OS


OS 2.0 is Oircle's second-generation operating system incorporating a redesigned navigation across all our systems a new design across the board, six additional updates, improved Accessibility, All-new Oircle Store for purchasing Apparel, digital products, physical products and more for the first time Oircle Account users can distribute featured films, TV Shows & Collaborative content. We call it OS Strawberry


There's more that meets the eye.

If we said the only thing that's different with this version is the design you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, although elements here and there have been altered slightly the majority of the redesign has been done behind scenes, animation, frameworks & core assets that keep all the necessary parts working in the right order.

We're a strong believer that design isn't just how it looks it's about how it works. Why does that card animation slide up? Why isn't it better to use a yellow button instead of blue one? Why isn't it socially acceptable to use emojis in titles? These are all great questions and none are right or wrong in fact they are completely down to your personal preferences nonetheless there questions that must be answered.

Design? Seriously!  

We are a design company first. that's what makes us ultimately different and completely the best, design isn't everthying and sometimes you can't create great products that compramise on features for design but when you understand design the way we do that's why we can achieve products like Calcualtr or games like L.I.A.M, simple but far superior then the rest.

Accessibility now accessible

Powering everything we have, everything we've learned & everything we do, we make sure everything no matter what it takes that its accessible to the whole world, because being accessible to the whole world means we can make the world just a little bit better then we found it. Simple but intuitive that's our Moto,  tap to speak, colour correct, font autosize just to name a few.

The way we think about things is quite different, its the very reason why we don't have any bugs in anyone if our apps, the Oircle store that celebrates creative creators, its why we do our very best to please and fulfil there needs with services such as Oircle Account which keeps your privacy private the why it should always be, we believe privacy is a human right, and accessibility should be accessible to everyone. The people that need it and the people that want it.

Once in a lifetime

When deciding to create a website we had to ask ourselves a question will we sit back and be like everything one else or will we create new and exciting ways of doing old traditional tasks. We decided the latter.

Once in a lifetime a revelation product is release but what about a product? a feature? What if it didn't need fixing but we improved it anyway? The new Navigation Bar is an Oircle first it reinvents what it means to be a navigation bar providing contextual buttons to different web pages.

A Store for Everything. Everyone.

Every product we create has one purpose, to enrich & reach everyone. The Oircle Store is no different, however it does a bit more then just enrich people lives it creates a purpose and enables creators to become their most creative ever.

When a store offers Clothes, Games, TV Shows, Films, Music and so much more it really isn't any wonder how its our best product we've ever created. When we think about Oircle Store it brings so much joy to our hearts because we know how enabling it really is with the lowest