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What makes us different you ask, well let's start with design, shall we. We are a company that prides ourselves with Design, functionality, & Privacy.

You may wonder well their other companies that can do that, that do that, well, your wrong. Design is so much more than just how it looks it's about how it works in terms of functionality and design it in such a way that the Privacy measure is met.

Oircle was founded on 17 July 2018 by Dearne M Anglin. Oircle has one mission and that’s to make and provide great digital services and perfectly perfect hardware. Privacy has always been at our forefront of everything we do; to our customers, to our contributors even to our employees in fact it’s fair to say it sometimes influences what we do next, like the Oircle Store or Oircle Account.

almost anyone & everyone can provide the same thing in this day engage. It’s no longer about what you provide but rather how you go about. 

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to providing first-class premium products to the world is unprecedented we pride ourself with design, beauty & perfection while reminding ourselves that design isn't how it looks.

We provide multiple different services from physical to digital services, to award winning software like Oircle Store and Oircle news which enables you to do unimaginable things or even the Oircle TV which for the first time ever in streaming history makes it the easiest platform to show the world your creations whether that’s a full fledge Feature film, TV Show, or a collaboration channel It’s going to revolutionise the way you watch and contribute your video content.


What we do?
Quite a lot.

There is quite a lot that we do, from the Games we create to the apps we develop, the films we produce and the TV Shows we direct all are loved. we bundle everything we do in the store that has everything, The Oircle Store and we sync everything with your Oircle ID.


A Human Right.

Privacy isn't just a human right, it's a fundamental  human right. We know what it truly means to understand why privacy should be kept Sacred. however, saying privacy matters isn't good enough we have to dive in and understand why it matters that's why we sent out a dedicated team to go out and learn the history of privacy and why you really don't want to live without it.

What we found out is that no matter where you go or who you ask privacy differs from individual to individual, but it can be broken up into four core sections: Privacy is a right, privacy is an entitlement, privacy is an expectation, and privacy is a commodity. we explore each sector in more detail.

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Oircle as a company.

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We do things a little bit different, Oircle strives for nothing less than the best. Everything we do; is designed, developed & produced entirely by Oircle LTD the result is extraordinary. Our core beliefs are different to some and similar to others but most definitely not the same, we believe in a world that is fair and makes sense our designs, products & services are the true definitions of that.

We produce superior premium goods, products, entertainment & software which is all designed, developed & produced solely by Oircle, we believe that everything we produce as a company must and should look pleasant to the eye but not only pleasant but intuitive too.

Everything we do has to be done to perfection and to our core beliefs Oircle was first conceived back in earlier September 2011 and wasn't established until July 2018.

Founder, Director & CEO: Dearne M Anglin Built Oircle from nothing he believed in a pocketless word, he said "products and services should be so simple that no one shouldn't ever need a help menu, they shouldn't need a tutorial, it should be simply second nature & while we're at it we'll design it with true beauty in mind. Welcome to Oircle."

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