Oircle Smart Vision

OSV is designed, developed & produced by Oircle as like everything we do is to enhance our users in everyday life. Oircle Smart Vision allows virtually any device to be conscious and aware of its milieu, with OSV the possibilities are endless.

Take a pick

We tested a hundred different colours, We tried and tested them in many different situations, Oircle is Proud to announce IV Alpha the first collection of colours for Calculatr. The beginning of something new.

Ergonomically Designed

It's great on whatever device you use, the bigger it is the more things you can do. At Oircle, we call different screen sized devices real estates, the iPad Pro has a greater real estate than the iPhone, we say this because no matter how big your home is there is still a Cuisine, A Parlour, a Lavatory, and a peace garden the main necessities of a house. That's how we look at it for the main necessities in an application and the bigger the device is the more exciting it can be.

Power to the Pro's

Creating an application for one device size is easy for example your iPhone, but what happens when you need to bring 5.8 inches to a device which has less than 42 millimetres of screen real estate it's tricky most companies believe you just enlarge everything on the display that is a terrible way to design, having a larger display should enable new and better ways to use the app because your hands can be on it in a way you hands will never be able to be on with an Apple watch or an iPhone.

We're serious about design

As you know Oircle is all about the design and how it should work. Because we are so serious about design, how it looks & works that we have a dedicated team just at Oircle to make sure that everything is in the right place, every tap, swipe & press is intuitive and perfect. it's trully designed for you.


Super simple, industry-leading features, innovative, critical swipes & gestures. it's one impressive app.



Behold True Beauty

Calculatr was designed with beauty in mind, from the button layout right down to the impressive, immersive, popping colours. We believe that everything we do as human beings should be to the best of our ability not only that but it should represent true beauty.

No ordinary calculator.
Calculator built by us.


None of the above.


All of the above.

A Calcaultor that's so smart.

it subtracks the letter o for oircle.

A World Full of Colour is a world worth living in.

Join the Dark Colour side

Calculatr knows the calculation of light.

Speed of light.
Can your fingers keep up?

Genuine Power.

86% Better performance then any other.
99%Smarter then all Calculators.
41% Faster then most Calculators.