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Apps enrich people’s lives and enabling developers like you to innovate like never before. The Oircle Store by far is our most vibrant, enabling product yet in many ways it's the heart of our ecosystem. Oircle Store is everything Oircle does at our best making it accessible and easier than ever to start contributing Whether you are a first-time developer or a large team of experienced programmers.

The principle & core belief of the Oircle Store is simple - we want to provide a safe, intuitive & an Oircle experience for users to get apps, games, films, TV Shows and many more with a great opportunity for all developers to be successful.

on this page, you will learn what you need to do to start contributing apps & Games to the Oircle Store.

Start Selling?

An individual due to Oircle Privacy Policy can only sell content priced between £0 - £10, if you'll like to sell more then £10 it is required to provide legal details of your company.

What is required?

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Company D-U-N-S Number
  3. Company Legal Name*
  4. Agree to Policy

Why do we need this?

Oircle is all about Privacy & all about user friendly. Although at the moment Unknown Individuals can not sell anything more then £10 this doesn't mean that the price will not change or the Policy won't be dropped all together. For the see able future we believe The Right to Pay Policy is the best Policy to keep Privacy to the Oircle National Standard.

Apps & Games

All Apps & Games must be compressed before being offered to the Oircle Store. Every content that is contributed to the Oircle Store a dedicated team at Oircle Personally tests it for any malicious or damaging harm to the user or Oircle Store, we check it against our data base to check that it doesn't violate any Polices, Copyright Laws, Foul play or anything else which is prohibited on the store before allowing it to be passed through.

if planned platform is: MacOS & PC's

  • Build app or game
  • Compress content
  • Fill in details
  • Wait for an Oircle Approval

if Planned Platform is: MacOS Appstore

if planned platform is: Playstation, Xbox & Nintendo

  • Build game
  • Purchase Developer Pass*
  • Compress content
  • Fill in details
  • Wait for an Oircle Approval

if planned platform is: iOS

if planned platform is: Android

  • Build app & game
  • Purchase Developer Pass*
  • Compress content
  • Fill in details
  • Wait for an Oircle Approval

Oircle may hold a copy of your contributions after being approved to the Oircle store on our Secure Encrypted Enclave for up to 3 Months, after which being permanently deleted this to prevent any unauthorised personal copying, re-uploading or attempting to commit fraud. after 3 Months the only copy of the content will be on the Oircle Store.

Oircle Commercial Promotion

Trying to sell a product In a world where there is over 7 Billion People and no two is on the same platform at the same time is almost impossible without investing in Commercial advertisement, you need to be heard, That is why we are proud to announce Oircle Commercial Promotion Advertise to world on Oircle Services whether that's on Oircle Store, Oircle News, Oircle TV or any other Oircle Service, you can be sure to reach a vast amount of users just buy paying a monthly fee.

Oircle Spiral Mathematical conversion

The way Oircle Collects data is different to many others that do, we have a dedicated team at Oircle to always find ways to give the best experience to users without damaging or destroying there fundamental human right, Privacy. if for some reason we need to collect data such as Oircle Maps your location we make sure we encrypt it in our Oircle Spiral Mathematical conversion before beaming it to our servers, this is all do in our software.

What does this mean?

it means when you or a third-party apply for Oircle Commercial Promotion privacy on all ends are kept to our national standard. we will never share names, emails, address, phones numbers simply anything that does't need to be shared. The Oircle Spiral Mathematical Conversion allows us to transfer date securely between Oircle Servers for example you tell us you name and where live, you see John Oil in London by the time it gets back to us we see this 1581014,15141241415

Q & A

Q - if there isn't a way to see what you have Contributed how am I supposed to continue?

A - there isn't a way at the moment to view what you have contributed so far on your own, you have to get in Touch answer a few security questions and then you will be greeted with your Overview Panel view, from here you can change names, prices, details, add updates & delete content.

Q - is there an a price Barrier for entry?

A - We wouldn't call it a Barrier it helps stops fraud and keeps the Polices in check, there is a One Time Payment of £79 Pounds (converting to your respecting currency) however this price is cut when offering a free product. we take 44.44% of every purchase for the first year after which it drops by half. for example if you sell a product for £1.99 you gain £1.11 in profit this does not include in app purchase.

Q - do I need to have an Product in the Oircle Store to apply for Commercial Promotion?

A - No, Oircle Commercial Promotion is completely separate you do not need a product in the Oircle Store there is a monthly Fee of £39 Pounds (converting to your respecting currency) a month up to 1000 people per click per month.

Q - is it possible to be denied access to the Oircle Store?

A - Yes, before being Approved to the Oircle Store all details must be correct or Access may not be granted after being submitted & Approved to the Oircle Store we have a "Three Strike, Out" Policy if an individual or Business gathers Three Strikes within Three Years we have the right to boot them from the Oircle Store, Cancel & Cease Present & future Payments in some cases we may even investigate how long its been happening and request money back. We reserve the right the change the policy at any time.

Q - is it possible to apply for every section within Oircle Store?

A - Absolutely, if an individual or business would like to apply for the Apps & Games Pass, TV Shows & Films Pass, Digital & Physical Pass, Music & Audio pass that would be granted however keep in mind each pass has there own One Time Payment Fee