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Films & TV Shows enable people’s lives to be more creative to rethink what was and what is now possible, and enabling Content Creators like you to be more creative like never before. The Oircle Store by far is our most vibrant, enabling product yet in many ways it's the heart of our ecosystem. Oircle Store is everything Oircle does at our best making it accessible and easier than ever to start contributing Whether you are a first-time Studio or a large team of experienced Creators.

The principle & core belief of the Oircle Store is simple - we want to provide a safe, intuitive & an Oircle experience for users to get apps, games, films, TV Shows and many more with a great opportunity for all Creators, Deveolpers & Jornelists to be successful.

on this page, you will learn what you need to do to start contributing Films & TV Shows to the Oircle Store.

Start Selling

An individual due to Oircle Privacy Policy can only sell content priced between £0 - £10 & can not opt in for streaming, if you'll like to sell more then £10 & Stream it is required to provide legal details of your company.

What is required?

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. TV, Films or Collaborative?
  3. Company D-U-N-S Number
  4. Company Legal Name*
  5. Agree to Policy

Why do we need this?

Oircle is all about Privacy & all about user friendly. Although at the moment Unknown Individuals can not sell anything more then £10 or stream this doesn't mean that the price will not change or the Policy won't be dropped all together. For the see able future we believe "The Right to Pay" Policy is the best Policy to keep Privacy to the Oircle National Standard.

Films, TV & Collaborative

All Films, TV Shows & Collaborative TV must be compressed before being offered to the Oircle Store. Every content that is contributed to the Oircle Store a dedicated team at Oircle Personally tests it for any malicious, damaging harm, disgrimative or untrue when stated otherwise to the user or Oircle Store, we check it against our data base to check that it doesn't violate any Polices, Copyright Laws, Foul play or anything else which is prohibited on the store before allowing it to be passed through.

Collaborative TV

Are you a content creator that creates content on services such as Youtube, Vino, Instagram TV? then Collaborative TV is for you. Get paid for what you love doing, want to get paid for unboxing the latest and greatest iPhone? then you can, have a strong passion for vlogs? you can do that too, want to show the world what you have to offer? absolutely go for it. Unlike Vino, Youtube & Instagram TV it's almost completely impossible for any copyright & fraud to be committed, and we have the best Polices in place to keep Oircle TV & Oircle Store in the best shape.

Collaborative TV is more than just expressing your passion and getting paid for it. Getting tailed ads where you get to choose how to implement them whether that's before your video, in your video, after or even as a banner on the top of your video pane displayed thought your video is simple and really easy to do. you don't start getting paid until you have a minimum of 10 videos, 10 minutes long each with 10,000 views combined after which you get paid for per ad displayed.

Creators, Designers, Developers

As you know Oircle Loves Creators, Designers & Developers a like the Oircle Store is build for you, offering so many different ways to express your true inner callings on Oircle Store you really need to wonder why you would choice to be anywhere other then Oircle Store.

You can develop you passion with first and third-party software. Use Oircle's world glass software and develop like never before create products that change the world in meaningful ways or use Third-Party apps off the Oircle Store and Develop,design & Prototype Software.

You can sell your passions, start selling anything as long as it meets its dedicated guidelines & Polices. whether that is TV, Films, Apps, Games, Digital, Physical, Music & Audio you can sell it.


When it comes to TV & Film Requirements there isn't much to say other then we have a high level of detail. We welcome everyone and anyone to apply and contribute, There are some tips and tricks to being approved straight away like:

  • 4K Video
  • More then 4800 seconds (1 hr, 20 mins) of showing time
  • Live Animation, Animation or Traditional Film

to name a few, this is only a brief detail view of the requirements but well go into detail in the Get Started Pack. Every TV & Film that is contributed at the moment can only be offered to the Oircle store as a purchase, free download, streamable

Seven Core Policies

Having the world at your finger tips is a great sense of power but with every great power comes with great responsibility. To keep the platform pure & accessible we have to implement the Seven Core Polices now the purpose of these policies is not to stop creativity but rather enabled it to be viewed by anyone.

Seven Core Policies

  1. There must be no Racial Discrimination (unless is an historical documentary, if it is YOU must provide proof of historical event)
  2. There must be no Sexual Orientation Discrimination (unless is an historical documentary, if it is YOU must provide proof of historical event, or is necessary to the story to do so)
  3. There must be no Sexual Discrimination (unless is an historical documentary, if it is YOU must provide proof of historical event, or is necessary to the story to do so)
  4. You must let us know additional information about your Movie, Show or Collaborative work if it contains strong language, violence, exploitation, or anything other long these lines.
  5. Titles, Sub-Titles & descriptions must always describe the content at hand, it should never be click-bate or miss leading
  6. Images, Purchasable assets & gifts must always be related to the content or content creator.
  7. All ads must be from Oircle Promotion Catalogue, to be paid by us.