It's Magic.

L.I.A.M in its own way is Beautiful, ElegantĀ & Magical. Circle & Circle Studios for their first game has once again really pushed the limit.

A New Generation

Creating a game that touches everybody in the right way has never been done before until now. in order to achieve this we had to make sure that we kept the things that are important and got rid of the things that are less so, we believeĀ that we have created a new generation & a new genre of games.

Perfect All Round

L.I.A.M is perfect for all ages, all races & all languages. To do this we really did need to rethink what it truly means to be a game. not only did we need to redesign core elements which are broken but we also needed to discover new but necessary elements.

We decided that 2D wasn't enough, while 3D is too much for this type of game. So we designed a totally new way, called Scope.

Introducing Handown

L.I.A.M is the first product to support Handown, L.I.A.M is a collection of everything Circle does in one body. What we do best is deliver great physical and digital products, what's best about that is we deliver it to all the great platforms without a manual because you don't need one, their that simple & that perfect. But you can use the C.Guide if your struggling.

We believe that everything should be universal. You buy it here, You get it there.

So we had to design a newly added process of making games & we call it HANDOWN. Handown is designed just to make sure that all our games now & in the future are at the best quality on different devices so you can be assured that L.I.A.M is going to look great on your 4K TV and look amazing on iPhone.


We designed L.I.A.M so good that you can play it on all your favourite devices.

All Platforms Supported

If you're a console user then that's fine, play it on your Xbox One & PS4 or if you prefer Apple software then just pull out your Apple TV nothing going to stop you on our end.

If you would like to play on your PC, iMac or MacBook that's fine too if your busy and you can't take your laptop out for whatever reason you can drag out your iPad it doesn't matter.

If your iPad isn't what you desire and you would prefer a more compact device such as your iPhone then that's fine too and the best part is your not losing any performance when you do so, no that's what we call Handown.